Placing overlays in specific spots


SO I’ve had to make my own overlay as I cant see any props or overlays for police badges.
I’ve made what I want but now want my character to hold it. to get it to appear I’ve inserted the same background again and this time put the overlay in. (is there a way to just have the overlay appear in the middle of a scene?

and how do I get it to go where I want it? I’ve used the app to get the size and position I want it in and it has come up with… these co-ordinates to use
@overlay 5134804135182336_BADGE shifts to 40 299
@overlay 5134804135182336_BADGE scales to 1.405 1.405

Ps My overlay is just called BADGE so I don’t know why it’s come up with 5134804135182336 before it.

How do I code this in my script?
I’ve tried this but it doesn’t work.
EXT. BRICK MANSION - DAY with BADGE to SCALE 1.405 1.405 and BADGE to SHIFT 40 299

but I get this error
The coordinates for an overlay can only be specified once.

So I tried just using
EXT. BRICK MANSION - DAY with BADGE to scale 1.405 1.405

and get
Wrong syntax of specifying coordinates try 2 “to SCALE X,Y” e.g…



EXT. BRICK MANSION - DAY with BADGE to 1.405 40 299


@overlay BADGE shifts to 40 299
@overlay BADGE scales to 1.405 1.405


Thank you so much been sat here oven an hour trying work it out :stuck_out_tongue:


can someone tell me how to place an overlayer behind a character



You want to place the overlay in a further back layer than the character.

INT. BACKGROUND - DAY with OVERLAY to 1.000 100 100 in zone 1 at layer -1
@CHARACTER spot 1.280 100 100 in zone 1 at layer 2


thank you sooooo much. i have been stuck on layering overlays for 2 days. i appreciate it.


How do you do it so that the overlay is already spotted and doesn’t have to shift?


If you attach the overlay to the background, it will appear in place immediately. If you are not adding the overlay to the background, use and & symbol instead of @.


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