Placing the overlay

How can I place my overlay on the stall door in zone 2 on the way left underneath “10 lines”?

Using the web previewer, move the overlay where you want. You see the coding underneath the web previewer? Those are the shift and scale codes. Copy and paste them into your script. Add “in zone 2” to the shift command.

But how can I see my stall door? I can’t see the picture in the background…

You have to move the overlay. Right now it’s placed in zone 1. You just have to click and drag it into he current zone.

@overlay 4594618497105920_BATHROOM STALL DOOR shifts to 139 221
@overlay 4594618497105920_BATHROOM STALL DOOR scales to 4.618 4.618

What are the bolded numbers for?

It’s a glitch, the script still works with the numbers (and without them) but I usually remove them.

Okay. Thank you.

@Sydney_H close this thread, please.

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