Planning a story


This is something for the writers in Episode. I am actually writing a story, “See you again”, and I know that writing a story takes a lot of time and planning. This time I wanted to know more about you. When writing a story, what kind of planning do you do? How do you plan your story? Characters, their personality, background story…

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For me I write down all the twists and cliffhangers first, before filling in the gaps and then finally organising them into the different episodes.


Planning your story also allows you to stay motivated and make sure that your story is well rounded and logical.

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Good luck planning your story! All the best :grinning:


well when i first started, i jumped right in from excitement. it went okay but i wish i would have planned beforehand. things i would have done differently, write down all ideas and expectations, plan chapter 1 with plots, twists, and turns. create characters; along with their personalities, clothing, etc. practice coding, directing, and how to narrate properly and how to keep it interesting, and finding artist to make backgrounds and overlays can become a hassle, plus waiting for everything to be approved takes a while so now that i know, i do all of that early on to get it out of the way.

with that being said, i found some really good sites to use for backgrounds and overlays for free if you’d like to check it out. a lot of people like to use these to be more creative and make their stories different.

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That’s a good idea!

I will read it when I have time and I will give you some feedback. I would love if you did the same after I read yours.

Thank you so much! :black_heart:


I usually have the main topic idea in mind, I imagine the characters and start creating plots in my head, if I feel it’s good enough I immediately start taking notes.
I start by noting the main ideas first in a chronological order, then I slowly start adding details to each main idea.
Then I start creating the characters, choosing outfits that fits their personalities etc…
And I start writing! Even if I don’t have every little detail about the story, I did write the first chapter. Seeing the characters come to life helps a lot, especially since during the first few chapters, you’re kind of introducing them to the readers, so that helps with knowing which character will help with what, the good ones, the bad ones, the neutral ones, etc…
But getting suck does happen, no matter how many notes you write, so what’s important is to trust yourself and your story, just give yourself time and let your mind do the creative work.

Hope that helps a little x

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