Planning an Episode story

Hello my name is Talulah, heya!
I realised a while ago that writing an episode story is much easier when you really plan things out bit by bit. I also recently made a thread on cliches and realised a lot of them could be changed if new writers were taught how to plan a story from the beginning. It can also limit the amount of stories that are cancelled. Anyway I built a thick story planner from scratch on google presentations. You can download the planner into a powerpoint, pdf, odp and more. This way you will have a clear representation of what you’re writing and it’s organised to help you build the story from the foundations up. Starting with a rough idea into a fully flushed exciting story that anyone will want to read. I hope it helps, if you have any questions feel free to ask just PM me and I’ll respond within a couple days I should think.

P.s. I’ve been reading episode for 5 years and writing too. I added notes all over the planner to help guide you away from cliches and flush out your story more, I really suggest you read them for the full effect and guidance.


TYSM! if you need any splashes come to me! Everything else artwise:

My art group!
Just if your looking for help…

Wow :joy: this is turning out to be a haven for new writers huh? Planning and art available. Thankyou!



Good idea! I like it :blush:
Would you mind if I do one of my own to encourage people to do that too?

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If you wish it took a while to make. You’re welcome to edit mine and share it if you’re lazy like me. Really I only made this to encourage people to do so I don’t mind if I have credit at all. I just want to help :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’ll credit you for the idea!

That is very good

Why thankyou. I’d like to thank the academy and my mum and dad and my mentors Yoda and Giles. I wouldn’t be here today without them. Now now flowers aren’t necessary, applause is optional but encouraged.

Added to my drive and I just might use it for a new story! It’s really thoughtful of you to make this, and I can tell if I use it (probably will) it will be such a big help!

Thankyou so much! I really hope it helps you Xx

Thankyou! I really hope it helps if you use it :slight_smile: Xx

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OMG THIS IS AMAZING!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! You have just made my life so much easier :grin::grin::heart_eyes:

This is really helpful, thank you!

Ahaha glad I could help :smile:

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