Planning and pre writer portal preparations

I’m starting my first story ever and I have watched multiple tutorials, scanned the forums endlessly, and basically broke my back to get this story started. Last night I started in the writer portal but as I was writing/coding I couldn’t help but feel unprepared even though I’ve done everything imaginable to prepare myself. So with that being said, my question to you all is what things do you recommend doing to increase productivity and to be fully prepared before starting a story. Would you suggest writing ideas for each episode down? Should I work on getting my cover and other art pieces created before hand? or Maybe should I get feedback on my pitch? I have no idea and i’m in desperate need of advice because at the end of the day my goal is to produce a quality story that all readers will enjoy.

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right now im in the process of writing a story also, i made the mistake with trying to write my first story in the portal. i started right away in the portal without any planning at all :joy:

i think that first you should plan your story out and the episodes by writing on a doc or paper, then after i plan each episode out i like to code the episode. then go back to writing another episode and then coding it in the portal and so on and so on.

then after i have at least a basic understanding of what i want my story to be about, then i look into getting a cover, art scenes, splashes, and stuff like that.

let me know if this helped! :heartbeat:

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Something that has helped me personally is to plan my story ahead. That way, I just have to « translate » everything into the script.

I have a document with different points:

  • Story name, plot […]
  • characters (name, personality,…)
  • then I have a part where I put all of my ideas down (without any particular order)

Once I’m done, I start planning episode by episode. Some people don’t like planning for each episode, only general ideas, so that’s up to you. But basically, I write all of the events that I want to happen in that episode (in bullet points). From there, I start writing every scene.

That’s what helps me, I hope it will be useful for you too :two_hearts:


i do the same with the bullet points pretty much!

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It’s super useful and helps to see everything very clearly ahah

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thank you!! this truly helped me! when the story that you’re writing gets published let me know so that i can check it out :revolving_hearts:

thank you so much! thanks to you, i now know how to properly plan and i’m sure that will help my story be written to it’s full potential :heavy_heart_exclamation: also if your story is published id love to read it!!

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ofc anytime! & yea i’ll let uu know once my story is published, same goes for uu if you are planning to publish a story!

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Thank you! I have several stories out. I’ll add the screenshots below if you want to check out any of them :two_hearts:

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