Planning Episode 4 Of The Young Actress Thread

Tread For Me And My Co-Writers @Diamond_episodes, @SpiralKaleidoscope And @Louanatomlinson To Collaborate On Episode 4! If Anyone Else Wants To Help, Feel Free! And Of Course My Good Friend @PaulParmar1


Hmm… so what happened recently in episode 4?

Just The Abortion Consideration And Them Heading To The Ultrasound. So Where Should It Go From Here?

They could go to the ultra sound and be told all their options and any complications that could happen through pregnancy,
They could leave the clinic, wondering whether they should tell their parents or not but decide against it.
Emma could be in bed dreaming of the first time they met etc to give them more context
The next day Felix takes Emma to a casting job where she nails it and then gets the phone call she got the role.

I Love It! I’ll Definitely Use It!

Question: When I’m Doing The Telling Them The Opinions & Complications Scene Should I Just Use Talking Animations Or Should They’re Actually Be Words?

Words i’d say.
Do your research maybe.
Find out complications :slight_smile:
It will sound much more believable .

Emma In Limelight


No words the reader should be asking what they are saying and then when they finish silent talking the doc should say like So there are rather a lot of problems in ur pregnancy

Okay, thanks.

Hey… After The First Meeting, Should The Next Flashback Be Their First Slow Dance Together?

Yes !:slight_smile:

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So, the Episode should end after Emma’s told she got the part?

I think so . It’s up to you

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Thanks. And I Might Have Just Thought Of Another Way To Use That Art Scene! And I’m almost done with this episode! Writing last scenes!

@Ryan can you close this thread I’m done with it.