Planning: Mystery / Horror Story

So I’m planning to write a story about a bakery. Basically the bakery used to be a hospital until a really bad tornado caused it to be destroyed and abandoned up until they built the bakery. The main character and some friends of hers and also the love interest and some of his friends work together to solve the mystery. Do you guys think this is a good story idea? I’m still trying to plan a plot but this is just what I’m thinking right now. The bakery is also haunted.


I like the concept, but maybe their needs to be more context behind the bakery.

An idea could be:

  1. A worker who worked was mental or used to kill staff.
  2. Add a little twist to engage readers!

But, it sounds really good, good luck with writing it :slight_smile:


thank you! and i need to work on my planning skills a little more i usually just think of a plot then go with it and just add surprises throughout the story lol

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Hahaha don’t worry I am writing a mystery horror story and their are really tricky!

If you need my help, let me know!

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