Planning your story

Hey crew, I’m just wondering how everyone organises their stories before/during writing them?
Personally I use 3 documents:

  • A table of characters, their arcs, a picture of them in their default outfit, display and script names, backstories etc.
  • The Chaos Document, which is exactly what it sounds like: complete outlines of each chapter preceded by a random mess of symbolism, plot twists, snappy dialogue I don’t want to forget, punny chapter names etc., all in half-semblances of lists.
  • All the main backgrounds and overlays I’m going to use: an image, script name and purpose listed for each
    How do you guys hash out your space?

I keep it all in my head… Usually just the main idea and maybe specific scenes I want to include. Then when I start typing it out I just pray it will all come together :joy:

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i usually plan a rough draft in my head and as im writing if i come up with ideas i write them down in my notebook.

I also use documents :joy: I have one for everything about the characters. Another for plot and subplots and which characters will affect these. And finally, I do one for every episode, with notes about what backgrounds and overlays I’d need, and referencing important things that may carry on in the next couple of episodes. Then, I go ahead and do all the art work and finally the coding, that way, by the time I’m done coding everything is approved :smile: