Platforms (Restoring)

One day will we be able to restore from another Platform. I trasnferd from an android to an apple and I can’t get any of my reads and stories.


ikr thats so sad. I transferred from Android to Apple recently but when my contract runs out I’ll probably go back to android

Wow, why can’t episode fix this? I was going to switch to an iPad to make writing and edits easier.

I want to restore my current game state from my old phone (S8) to my new phone (S9+) which is a process that shouldn’t be a problem because both are android phones but it always says this account is connected to another device on a different platform so the usual error message but it doesn’t make sense at all. Can someone help?

Did you try to disconnect?

Go the the bottom of the settings page. It should say ‘restoration code’ or something. Just enter that in your new device, and you should be good to go. I used it to add my account from a Samsung to a Kindle.