Play the Keyboard game

I love playing with keyboard and let it to create sentences.
Like you know keyboard can give us suggestions for next word in the sentence.

Follow those suggestions and complete a funny but logical sentence. Try not to repeat what someone else got and shared here.

After you write a sentence, also write a new word with which next person can begin.

*My son was just wondering how much things would have to change for me to be able to see the other side.

You start with a word: start



i love this game , but im not on mobile ;-;


Start rental period to get a good idea for a second account on social media platforms for the next few days and nights

Next word: Leave

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Leave the house at the end of the day I was in the shower and then I’ll be on my way to the airport now.
Next word: Trash

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Trash may be a good thing to do with you guys and I will do it for you.

Next word: Sleeping

Sleeping in the pool and I’m gonna watch the video

Next word: patience

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Patience is not a big deal but it doesn’t work right away. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Next word: Discussion


Discussion thread about how we can use the form of a swan lake in the past
Next word: Lunch

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Lunch at my mom’s house is full of alcohol but I don’t want to be alone :scream::joy:

Next word: Snow


Dictionaries have been written by the one person that doesn’t exist. :rofl:

Next word: Lecture

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Clowns have been banned from this place since they were on the top. :smile:

Next word: Illusion

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Illusion that your one with the hair on the group

love that :slightly_smiling_face::joy:

Next word: pie :woman_facepalming:t3:

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Pie or playing both you and his girlfriend in a wide variety of subjects. :grin:

Next word: System


Obama has been so much better than this one. :rofl:

Next word: The glitch

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Donald Trump cat kissed a lot of people who are in no way responsible for my favorite coffee drink. :grin:

Next word: Someone

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Someone shared this story with me today and then I sent it to you.

Next word: Biscuits

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Please end the world in this time to be the first of his name


Next word: Gorgeous

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Gorgeous view from my balcony. :grin:

Next word: Similarities

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Similarities between I and my phone.

Next Word: Episode

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Characters have been in the works for the next few years. :joy:

Next word: Curse

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