Playable story's

So I’ve been working on a new story and it wont let me preview it on my ipad and there is no errors in the story. It lets me preview it on my portal tho. It just doesn’t show up on my playable story’s.

Hmm… try editing something in your story because it wouldn’t let me preview mine a couple of days ago but I removed a lightning bolt and now it’s fine.

@SpiralKaleidoscope what’s a lightning bolt? And I have tried making changes and it’s still not working

A lightning bolt as in a bolt of lightning like a flash

@SpiralKaleidoscope oh okay I thought u meant something technical in the writing world lol. I still don’t know what to do tho cause I can preview on comp just not on IPad and all my other story’s are previewing on iPad just fine.

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: