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Welcome to playboy’s outfit shop! This indeed is my very first shop and I’m on my own unfortunately :woman_shrugging:t4:. I mainly made this thread because I see repetitive outfits and some outfits I see are questionable. Very questionable. However I also see that people don’t use some bomb as things that are pretty hidden in the catalog and I want to share them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

• I can also give opinions on outfits too!

• I will make these outfits in my OWN TIME, so please don’t rush me and to be honest I’m quick with replies anyway

• DO NOT Talk about anything other then your request because I will get confused and I will plain out cancel you request

• Use the password :women_with_bunny_ears: Or bunny on pc to be entered or I will cancel your request, PeriodT

• Also, I’ll need the characters situation or their aesthetic so I can put together something you’ve probably got in mind!

• Also, credit would be appreciated but isn’t needed because who would get pressed about an outfit unless I liked it ofc :sweat_smile:

• This thread is also for characters who have hijabs and plus size females

• If you don’t like the outfit I’m a big girl just tell me, I’ll make another one doing outfits fills meh with joy :relaxed:

• finally, I will be using one my OC’s to display your outfit because I’m too lazy to do it myself :kissing:

Form example -
-Outfit for OC
-Description of character and aesthetic

  • additional info
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Hi, So I need a male and female outfits for teachers. Password:Bunny

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I would like to make a request:

I would like outfits that go with the vibes of these characters:

Description of her;
Rich, kind, can be sassy but is a good person.
She always dresses fancy.

Description of her:
Kind, snappy, opinionated, sassy. Quiet near new people.

Description of her:
Kind, funny, sweet. But can be rude sometimes, and she is opinionated,

She also ALWAYS needs her arms covered and a good portion of the rest of her body covered too.

Password: bunny

  • Outfit for OC - INK, female
  • Description of character and aesthetic - Born in Pakistan, lives in Canada, loves green and black, casual, hates dresses, is OK with skirts (when she’s forced).


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Which LL or ink?

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Oh, sorry. LL

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These ok?


Yes thank you


Np :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Do you want them in fancy or casual?

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Character 3 is fine with either, one is fancy/richer style clothing and character can be a mix if possible.

Can I have another outfit. But this time a fancy or royal like dress. Password:bunny

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Hope these are ok!

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Do you want an outfit for casual time or fancy time?

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