Playing a music and sound at the same time?

Since sounds can only play if they come right before a speech bubble, is there a way to play both a sound and music at the same time, where the sound doesn’t rely on the speech bubble? (This would be for sounds I want to loop along with the music anyway. Like, a music, along with background talking for atmosphere)

Guessing this might not work, but figured I would ask :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

i think it may work.

Hmmm I just tested it with music (music name) and music (sound name) on the line underneath. Didn’t work… Let me see if I can try something else :slight_smile:

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hm, ok

I guess if I use a sound that’s kinda long, and maybe reference it often during the scene, it’ll be almost like it’s looping, and create the atmosphere I’m looking for

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Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

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np :slight_smile:

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yup it does though. I have multiple sounds overlapping each other while a contant music being played…cause mine is to depict actual war situations


Do you just code it as:
music (music name)

and then later use a sound before dialogue? Then keep referencing a sound every few lines of dialogue?

I’m interested in reading your story so I can listen to it and hear how you have it work, if you’d like to share :slight_smile:

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Yes this can be done! And as far as what has worked for me, I didn’t have to put a sound always before dialogue. I usually like to add it wherever is relevant. Make sure for a sound to keep repeating use:

music (musicname)

And for something to play once use:

sound (soundname)

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Sure. My story is Tribe of Malapinchi. I wrote it for the Thriller contest though. So its abit dark and scary in some ways.

Anyways just a bit of spoilers the sounds music that i think you may be looking for is the very first scene of the first episode. I think. And also in the middle of the second episode.

For the script wise i dont mind sharing but i’ll need to get back to u again as I dont have my laptop with me right now.

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Thanks so much for your advice! :slight_smile: Also that’s useful, because I didn’t know sounds could be added wherever. I thought they only worked if they came right before a dialogue line. I will test this out!

I appreciate it! I will check it out if possible-- I’m usually not too good with scary stuff :sweat_smile:

I appreciate your input, still! :slight_smile:

No problem. I recently used sounds between actions for myself, with no dialogue, so I think you’ll have some luck there!

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Oh wow!! Just put standalone sound into my script and it didn’t give me an error!! I never knew it could work like that. Then again, I’m new to using music and sound-- typically when I play through stories, I do it with sound off anyway haha :sweat_smile:

This is going to be so useful! Thanks again

Yay, I’m glad it worked for ya!

Though now it seems like I have an issue where my sounds are overlapping. Can you do sound off like with music to turn off one sound before you start another? Like, I have people talking inside, but the bird noises are also still playing haha

I think I figured it out :slight_smile: After using “sound off” and then starting the next sound, that seemed to do it!