Playing a sound effect over existing background music

Hi there! I am working on my first story right now and am having some trouble coding sound effects over existing music. It’s a party scene with looped background music and I want to have my character receive a text message with the phone_text sound effect, but no matter how I tinker with adjusting the volume, I can never hear the sound effect over the background music. Any help is appreciated! Thanks so much!

You can turned down the music by 70, then have sound all the way up to 100. Then you can turn the music it back up after certain sounds, also.

This is the coding I have so far:

volume music 50 0

volume sound 100 5000

sound phone_text

volume music 100 0

@YOU is read_phone_loop_rear

The background music just seems to play at normal volume. Is my coding incorrect?

Usually when something like this happens I usually put coding in between them, so that way the sound coding doesn’t overlap like that and get mixed up, you can try that. Your coding looks correct, theirs nothing mispelled. Have you tried resetting your story, because sometimes the sound won’t work until you reset the whole thing? Are you using the portal or phone?

Resetting my story worked! Thanks so much!

Np. Sometimes sound won’t work and stuff you just need to reset and check.

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