Playing RP Games outside of the Forums?


I was curious… Are any of the people who participate in the RP/SG forum playing RP/SG games offline? Like tabletop RPGs? Dungeons & Dragons? LARP murder mystery dinners?


Back when college didn’t eat up all my time, I used to play Soulcraft and the Inotia series as well as MMO RPG games by Spacetime Studios. :smile: Used to be in the RP/SG forums as well, but I rarely have time for it now. It’s so sad :cry:


I used to play D&D with some irl friends a few years ago. I wish I could do that again and I have a D&D set that I got for Christmas two years ago but I’m kind of lacking the friends part.


I use to play Key to the Kingdom and a lot of other board games back in the day but never got into actual RPG’s with dice, etc. My brother was really into a Star Wars RPG back in the day that I tried. The only thing I remember from it was my character was named R2A2.


Inotia?! I had Inotia 3 on my tablet! I loved that game.


I had started playing DnD pretty recently, and it’s really fun! I’m in the middle of creating my own world and missions, & so far, it’s been really cool. :blush: :blush: :blush:


Star Wars RPGs bring me back! I used to play Star Wars: Empire vs Rebellion a lot growing up. I think we had the Episode 1 edition with Darth Maul and Qui-gon Jinn. So much fun!


Just started DMing a D&D game with pals last year and it’s the best! Pretty refreshing to just do hours of imagination-based play with friends, brings out the good childhood feels :slight_smile:


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