Playing your story on Youtube

Hi, so I want to know if we are allowed to play our own stories on youtube, as I have a idea for that… But also how can I give others permission to play my story as well? Does it have to be written or can I make a public annoucement on insta or something? Or copyright the stories

if is yours is yours :smile: you can post it in youtube if you want

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Happy Birthday :rose:

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Thx :blush::kissing_heart:

How do I copyright my story?

It is already, if someone make a video about it you can report them

Ok, but I would like to let others read the story on youtube as well as like a live playthough? Do I have to give written permission or make a public annoucement on it

no :thinking: in case you can read episode interactive guidelines

Oh, thank you. I will have a look at them.

You can post your story on Youtube if you’d like :slight_smile: It’s your own story so it isn’t a problem if you decided to record yourself playing your story.