Please add more medieval clothing

Hi, I still don’t know how to properly use Episode yet, but I’ve noticed when I was creating my story that there weren’t that many outfits (station wise) for medieval times. I’d love it if you guys could add a few more like: lowborn, highborn, king, queen, princess, prince, cloaks, black boots with no laces that overlays whatever bottoms are on character, and made up symbols on general/army uniforms… Hopefully, you take these things into consideration because I’m almost positive that not every story will revolve around modern times. Thank you!!!

(oh, and just to add to this as a suggestion… I think it would be really helpful if there was an organization for the art catalog when it comes to certain time periods… like medieval vs/ modern)


here are the threads you can support:

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Thank you!

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Duplicate topic closed. Please refer to the links posted by classycherries. :smiley: