Please Adopt My Plot Bunnies!

What’s a plot bunny?
A plot bunny is an idea I had while writing my current five (5!) stories in progress that I simply cannot do justice to, or have time to carry out in full.
These are ideas and outlines. I do not own ideas or outlines to any of these, and you are free to accept/use them without crediting me.
If you feel that special vibe with a plot bunny, just snap it up and run with it!
I will add more bunnies as they appear… and I assure you, they will appear.

Bunny #1

While enjoying your beach vacation with your friends, an expensive yacht suddenly explodes near the dock. You rush in to save survivors and discover a handsome/beautiful fellow/damsel in the wreckage. They furiously refuse formal medical treatment, or a hospital visit, so you take them back to your beach rental. As you nurse them back to health, you delve into the mystery of who they are and who wants them dead… but can you resist falling in love with them along the way?

Bunny #2

A bitter divorce has left you exhausted, penniless, and alone. While watching daytime TV, you see an ad asking people to volunteer for a Martian colonization mission. You have nothing left to lose, so you sign up. As you prepare for the year-long journey, you meet the handsome/beautiful heir to the space exploration company’s fortune. They explain the board of directors has pushed them out of their own company, and though they still have vast amounts of money and resources, they are no longer in control of the colonization effort. Can you create a life- and love- on Mars?

Bunny #3

You are the leader of a notorious band of thieves (in any time period). A mysterious benefactor has contracted you to steal a lockbox from an elderly man who lives alone… an easy mark, right? But when you break into the dilapidated shack and seize the lockbox, you realize both the benefactor and the old man are not who they seem…

Bunny #4

At your new high school, everyone seems to be an overachiever. Everyone. Even the ditziest cheerleader is the straight-A captain of the decathlon team, and the sportiest football player can talk circles around seasoned politicians in debate contests. You work hard and train harder, but you begin to lose hope of catching up, much less standing out. One day, a new acquaintance asks you very seriously if you truly desire the means of academic success. You agree, but your resolve begins to waver when the acquaintance shows you what you must sacrifice… and to whom the sacrifices are made…


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Oooo!! Those sound really good!!

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Updated with two new bunnies for adoption!

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