Please bring back the create mode in phones!

Seriously, the phone creation is a big thing. I know that it is lot easier now to program scenes in the website compared before, but there’s a huge different experience when I was doing it on the phone.

First, dialogues and animating the dialogues is much easier because all I have to do is tap.

Second, placing the characters is pretty easy!

Third, I can immediately picture what it would look like without saving the work because the graphics are already in front of my eyes. I don’t need to save the work several times and wait for it to load again and again.

Lastly, my creativity is different when I’m seeing a black notepad versus the actual graphics. It’s easier to experiment the events. Trial and error is so much at ease!

Please consider to update this. Please! Huhu!


I agree. I didn’t necessarily use it for story creation purposes but I used it to make quick and easy characters to draw rather than coding them all and emotions and such. It was much easier on mobile.


but the stories on the phone looked really bad. I have not seen a single mobile written story that was actually good



All stories there was very bad so cya


Nope, the purpose I meant was not the full creation. Mobile creation was good for proper character placement/alignment. It is good too for applying animation for the dialogues. Though you have a point, it’s true that mobile creation doesn’t have all the animation and other stuffs that is available in the website which make the Episodes created in mobile suck. But my point is, why do they have to take it down?

I mean, it has some good uses ya know?

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It’s probably because you can do proper character placement/ alignment on the website. Plus you can write and it has a preview button to where you can see your script and view it at the same time on the website. Personally, to each their own. But you can do a lot more writing on the website

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Yeassssss! 100% support this! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: