Please Can I Have A Cover

I mean turn the characters into splashes but if it’s to hard than you don’t have to

Thanks @Cindy

It’s not hard I just don’t understand what you mean, splashes are background like to be continued etc. Do you mean an overlay? @Revti


Thanks @Cindy

So I want the characters to be the overlay and there splashes and the background (Eiffel Tower) is just normal


I know what it is


Thanks @Cindy for trying your best to make me a cover!

Not really but its fine!

Thanks @Cindy

Here are some examples of splashes
image image image

A splash and you can tell it’s limelight
I don’t understand this part.

I mean like it looks like limelight

And I mean these splashes @Cindy

Oh okay, that’s a cover. You want me to draw it. Sorry for the confusion! So basically the other cover I made wasn’t what you wanted. I can get started on it, sorry again for the delay @Revti

It okay @Cindy!

What pose do you want because the pose you said, you wouldn’t be able to see their faces.

yeah so I want them to kiss and then you can see there hips and up and I want the boy to have the rear animation kissing and the girl is the normal one


Like the cover I made but drawn?

Yes Please @CIndy

I’ll try my best!

Thanks @Cindy

I’ll use the other cover if it’s to much @Cindy

@Cindy I can’t see you your message on the forums.