Please can someone help me with my script errors and questions?

hi I am trying to add a choice to my story but there is a script error and I’m not sure what to do to get rid of it

please can someone help?

You need a line of dialogue before the word choice

What should I do?

“Click me.” {

Or it could be the way you have your choices set us. You might need dialogue after the background names.

oh ok I’ll try those
thank you :slight_smile: :smiley:

Thank you

is is solved?


I have another one though…
I’m not sure how to fix it

I’m trying to get the character to change into the outfit but it wont work. (the outfit she is wearing is the one she had on before…

I you clothes realy named Option1… When you have created the clothes have you named it so?


What does the error on left say when you roll it down?

Oh I see the problem now… Changes into must be with @ it doesnt work with &.

@SKY changes into…

oh ok!
will the animation still work with @SKY?

Yes your command will be the same just replace & with @.:grin:

Ok thank you so much!

Hi i’m really confused???
please can someone help?

Try taking that } away from line 125

but it didn’t work…

Hang on…
oh ive got it :slight_smile:

what does this mean??2019-08-30%20(3)


but the thing is that there IS and Option3…
Please can someone help