Please can someone help me!


So I need help again my overlays and background. I’ve uploaded on my iPad and it isn’t uploading on the computer.

They were approved so I don’t know if I just reupload them again or something.

If you read this the wrong way, then what I meant was the overlays and backgrounds won’t load.

Please help xxx

Thank you xoxo


They won’t load on the screen. They’re there most likely. They’re probably offscreen. If you provide your script then maybe I can help.


I think she meant they’re not showing up in the overlay & background library? I’m not sure.


Hmmm… maybe. In that case, try switching browsers. Google Chrome and Firefox work best


@Dona_H is correct




Also, make sure it’s nothing typed in your search bar, that’s maybe why they’re not showing up.


I’m trying Firefox right now and thanks for the help everyone