Please check out my first new story called Burst Into Bloom!

Hii, I am currently in the progress of writing an Episode Story, called Burst Into Bloom, if you want to check it out, (my episode name is iyanu.writes)

Here is a short synopsis of it:

Charlotte “Lottie” Applevey has just been enrolled into Meruim Academy, and she’s ready to make new friends…

That’s a lie.

She’s already in the school, and she’s got a group of friends by her side, ready for the evil that’s about to plague the seemingly innocent city of Meruim.

In short, it’s a story about:

  • love
  • magic users
  • some sort of war/demonic entities
  • a lot of gayness, as well as many LGBTQ+ characters
  • a whole bunch of drama

Link : Episode Writer Portal

Also, I am currently writing the 10th episode, and I’m way over halfway through writing the series!

Cover (I made it with Canva!):

Thank you,

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Looks interesting!