Please Check Out My First Published Story?

I opened a past forum of this story before (Beta Readers needed! (First Two Chapters!)) and had debates on making it and publishing it because I was scared. I still am, but I talked about it a lot on here as well because my love for it is strong. Please check out my story? I would love your feedback! I do plan on changing the words on the cover, but the story cover art and storyline will remain the same. It’s great to read during free time, only 3 episodes are complete but more is coming, and medium in length each episode. I really hope you enjoy!

Story Link:

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Were you going for an anime style writing? I love the art scenes btw. Looks like you took your time on this. Just read epi 1

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Yes. I am. Anime has always been my inspiration for art and storyline ideas. Ink is really good for that particular but in a simpler version of that artstyle. :blush: