Please close this not hiring anymore

Hi there
Must be able to do requests for free. I also need someone who can also do limelight.

I need some of you can can do the following:

Cover artists
Splash artists
Character edit artists
Art scene artists
Overlay help
Background edits
Banner artist
Profile picture art
Digital art

If you are interested in joining my art group please fill the list below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

What job you are applying for:
Examples of your work:
Tell me a little about yourself :slightly_smiling_face:

Name: Alyssa
Job: Cover Artist
Examples: None, but am full of creative.
About me: I am a happy artist girl that lives in California. I have been doing episode art for about 3 years, but joined the forums recently to see the community. It’s amazing on what people try to aim for, and I am ready to make my creativity known.

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Hi Alyssa
Welcome to my art shop I am happy to say your in :slightly_smiling_face:

Great! Thanks.

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If you do want to submit any samples I have added a profile in the art shop for you

Name - Lexxie-Ameliajade (but you can call me Lexxie)
What job are you applying for? - I can do banners and splashes
Examples of my work -
Banners -

Splashes -

A little bit about me - I’m from the United Kingdom. I have released two ink stories called Outrunning Karma & The Hamilton Affair. I’m not in any other art groups and I’d really love it if I could be in yours.

Welcome Lexxie to my art shop.
Thankyou for applying and I am glad to say your hired can I use your splashes and that to make a examples in the shop x

Yes of course x

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Hey, are you still hiring?

Yes I am hun

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Is there any chance for me? Bwhahaha that came out weird :joy::heart::ok_hand:t4:

Of course there is hun have you got any samples of what you can do x

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Yes, I’ll give them to you tomorrow
Time in England is about to be 2 am

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I am in England too and that is fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh shoot :joy: ayyyyyy

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Are you still interested

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I’ve just started with episode and I’ve published my first story! I would really be happy if people read it because I’ve worked on it really hard and I hope some of you guys could watch it, it’s called: To all my exes. Please check it out! Thank you.


Yes, here some some of my examples

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Will do hun what’s your name on episode :slightly_smiling_face: