Please close this out

need good idea on story help

any idea can be good if done right

but personally i think evrything vampire werewolf is overused

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yea I know I love this my favor story

almost evry story in the fantasy genra is a werewolf love story. so very overused. it has to be extreamly good to stand out from the others and become populare so if you wanna write to be popluare find something els. but if you wanna write this story and you do it for yourself do it. it is your choice after all.

just dont be diapointeds when you have written five chapters and barely has any reads

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I am going to do prince love story.

that was kinda what i said not to do.

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thank you

do you have good idea on this story.

I think you need to come up with a plot yourself. it would be nice to see more stories like lord of the rings. or something. but again it is your story you have to make it.

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I don’t nothing a bout that story sorry

a fantasy story. like narnia harry potter. or maybe you dont wanna make a fantasy story

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I was not make that story ok I am very start with idea story

Closed by OP request. :smiley: