Please delete, please delete

please delete

&AMBER spot 0.742 221 167 in zone 3 and AMBER faces left and AMBER is run_athletic_neutral_loop AND zoom on 883 0 to 465% in 0 AND cut to zone 3
&speechbubble reset
@AMBER walks to spot 0.742 288 170 in zone 1 in 6 and AMBER does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop AND zoom on 235 0 to 465% in 5
&pan to zone 1 in 5
@AMBER is run_fall
&zoom on 100 0 to 465% in 3

Here’s the best I can get it, it won’t be fully smooth cause you’re panning scenes at the same time. But you can mess around with it until it’s the way you want!

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Please delete

Marked as solved and closed. Thanks all! :smiley: