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First chapters to me are the hardest because you don’t want to give away too much of anything. Try maybe introducing your characters through some interaction with others to give there personality. This can as simple as just be like a conversation in a hall or lunch room with a friend or random character. To spice it up a little, you can have a little event like someone spilling a drink on the MC to show how the MC would react.

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Thank you for the input! What I have written is a lot of flashbacks to draw attention. The MC talks with her sister about her current behavior. Then the MC sees her dead ex-boyfriend and the chapter ends. I feel it might seem a bit to bland, like there should be more. I give a basic idea of each of the characters personalities, I just think it should be more exciting. There’s of course more to it than just what I explained, but it’s the basic idea.

They’re also all adults in this. Young 20s.

If you hadn’t already, maybe show the sister’s current behavior (the behavior does not necessarily need to be towards the MC). If MC has a job, you could also have a little event happen at work or show a weird co-worker or something.

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