Please do not do this:

Ok, people are coming to me on my IG asking if I can give them a shout out! Which I have no problem doing, anything to help my fellow writer. However, If you’re a writer with Millions of story views already please don’t contact me asking me to give you a shout out, I feel at that point you’re just trying to use me to further your own personal goals of getting yourself more exposure, which I feel is messed up, if anything your in a position to do what I am doing. If your an author who has millions of reads, then you’re doing good, you don’t need my help, so please don’t contact me to help you get more exposure. Then ones that’s starting out, give back, help them, let them see what it’s like to be in your position, who knows the one you help might be the one that reads your stories! All I’m saying is just be fair! It’s your stories that inspires these new writers so you should not be malicious when they come on the forum looking for help, you should be flattered, had it not be for the readers, non of us would be where we are now.


Yes I 100% agree at this point that’s just being greedy and unfair, small authors need a chance too!


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