Please don’t skip this- I need your help!

So more then once I have lost my stories. And for the second time that i have published a story. I have lost my account :sneezing_face:I have created a new one and started from scratch. All the coding, direction, overlays, bgs, covers, outfits, characters. Gone. I tried logging out and back in but nothing seems to work

And yes I have submitted a ticketand waited

So now I have decided, I will work hard on this new story and make sure its the best it can be before publishing. I do not want to lose it the way I have lost others. But I have to say I am quite upset. I worked on Disturbia and even though I feel liek I published it too early, I am still proud of it!

If you reckon I should continue writing the story im currently doing, send your support by dropping a funny or positive emoji below so I dont take up your time :pray:t2:

My new story is called Beautiful Creatures. I’m very proud of my nephew. He came up with it :see_no_evil::heart_eyes: and yes he came up with the whole story for me haha!

See you later! :leaves:


of course you should! just make a copy of it in a word document. always make a copy of the story, chapters, bgs etc you are using on your computer! it’s awful and frustrating when things like that happen. :heart::heart:


Thank you so much for responding :two_hearts: that means a lot you have no idea!


You should always continue writing even if it’s just for yourself… don’t give up!
Best of luck :heart::heart:

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Yep. I agree

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