Please, don't ask authors these questions!

Hey there :blob_hearts:

It’s been a while since I have made a thread

I decided to make one for all the authors out there because I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people ask these same questions over and over again.

So I am going to explain to y’all (disclaimer: mostly those of you who don’t seem to understand, it’s not everyone.)

Here’s what not to ask an author:

  1. The most important one! DO NOT ASK WHEN THEY ARE UPDATING!!

Authors spent countless amounts of hours coding stories, it can get tiring! Just like any other person, authors have a life outside of episode as well. Some are mothers and fathers, a husband or wife, some have to care of the unable, a lot have full time jobs and some of us have schooling just to name a few. People need to understand that authors can not spend the majority of their time coding, please understand that they try to update when possible. If an author doesn’t update when their countdown timer on Insta goes off, please don’t message them asking when they are updating or especially don’t be rude to them because they haven’t updated. Things come up.

2.Don’t tell authors that you won’t read their stories because there is no Customization or that they need to change limited customization to full Customization.

Ok, so this one may be a hot topic but let me explain it. Authors are allowed to envision what their characters look like and that may prompt them into not having Customization because they like how their character looks and prefer to have the readers NOT play as themselves as this is their story? (This is hard to explain :confused: ) Another one might have to do with a characters ethnic background or makeup. If you have a character of an Asian (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian etc.) background, why would the character naturally have blonde hair and super blue eyes? I’m sure it’s possible but in most of the time, it’s not the case. Some authors may use specific overlays in a characters original skin color, so they may just want to avoid the confusion and awkwardness of having one skin color not match an other. To simplify this, do not be rude to the author because CC is limited or not available, it hurts their motivation.

  1. Don’t ask an author if you can be in their story or if you can use their characters in your story.

You just don’t get to randomly ask if you can be an authors story! Unless they ask for background characters and that you can leave your details and or they have a contest, just don’t ask. It’s just plain rude. Also, don’t use other authors characters in your story, those characters belong to the author and unless you have permission from them the authors themselves, don’t use them!

  1. Don’t ask if they can promote your story or review it or if they can do a R4R with you.

Now, a lot of authors on the forums usually do R4R, but only ask to do R4R when they say they are doing it. Just don’t randomly ask out of no where if you can do it. Another thing is don’t ask an author to promote your story on their insta or wherever because you need reads, you can ask if an author says that they are promoting stories, so you can go ahead and drop your stories or when they are reviewing stories and same goes again.

I think that covers at least some things for what not to ask if there is anything I need to add, let me know!

If you have any questions or concerns, please Pm here on the forums or on insta at @ao_writes.episode

-Ao :heart:


Yes! I see so many authors get bombarded by these questions, and some of my fav authors actually left because it was too stressful.


Thank you for creating this. :joy: I completely agree.

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No problem!


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I’m afraid that if I do publish a story on Episode, I’ll get these questions and comments…


Don’t be discouraged!
Just because people may ask you these questions, doesn’t mean you should be afraid to publish your story!
You gotta learn to be affirmative with those people and tell them it’s rude and not okay.


  1. agree. AGREE

  2. AGREE. I left the app for 2 years because people kept asking for CC to be added in my story.

  3. personally I wouldn’t mind if people ask, if they just can also take a no.

  4. again dont mind them asking if they can take a no, we gotta help each other


Agree. :smiley:

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Thank you for covering it!!!

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Thank you for making this thread! I completely agree with you! :blush:
Some people need to read this.

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