Please episode come back

What are you guys doing? first, I have to wait more than 1 month to get my backgrounds approved, my new big and little cover are standing there pending request more than a month now. I did ask a ticket but no one answers and then someone answers they ask me questions so I reply after a week still nothing heard I reply again and they ask me the same stupid questions do you read your things or not? I am becoming really pissed off. Becouse i have troubles 2 months now and nothing is solved!!!


Moved to Episode Fan Community since it’s not reporting a bug. :sunglasses:

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I feel you. I sent two tickets in to them because I’m having issues with app, and they still haven’t responded back to me. I’m going to keep complaining on this website because nothing is getting solved. I’m trying to release an episode of my story, and I can’t do it because my backgrounds aren’t approved. I’m sick of waiting now. I’m starting to get really upset.

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I have put in more than a month ago 2 new covers they are not apporved yet!!!

Mod (Jeremy, I think?) mentioned in another thread that the delay was due to a high volume of tickets and images in queue.

It’s probably true, but it’s hard to picture since the forums have been kinda slow by comparison.