Please episode give users more stuff

It Fucks me up at to why Episode creators get a bunch of stuff users could only dream of having I will not mention them it’s a tangent for another post but they should release all these hidden codes and props and animations it will help us get so much better and you should be able to record your own sounds I wanted to make a song and dance story but had to drop it due to the excess limitations Why did the girls/guys in Pitch Perfect get to make their own songs not even music or sounds their own full fledged songs just read this quick and comment on it I have a good feeling it will get flagged

Please change the title of the thread to something relevant to the topic of the thread and it will be reopened. :peace_symbol:

Topic title changed and reopened. Thanks @Toby :smiley:

Here’s the thing though: you can still direct pretty good with all the other available assets and animations. Besides, some of those Episode Creators also happen to be featured so they get more access to hidden stuff.

As long as you have a pretty nice plot, directing mostly is secondary

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Ik but it is very hard to make action and song stories tho XD

Action stories or Action music? I was confused by what you written

Action and music typo sry

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Well, you wouldn’t know if you don’t try. There are several suspenseful and action-based sounds in the catalog.

Besides, implementing so many features like yours is not possible yet

Anyways, if you want to request certain things like more music, you can create a thread in the Feature section.