Please fix Classic glitches!


I’m an author of many classic stories on the app:
• Bad Boy Reputation
• The Teacher’s Pet
• Amelia’s Journey
• Winter: Christmas Love
• Falling For You
• In Love With My Best Friend

I’m wondering if @Episode is ever going to fix the Classic glitches?

The Classic glitches are:
• Not being able to have a reader change the characters outfit, and if it allows them to do so, the outfit stays the same…
• When cresting the character, we can’t see the character we are creating… we can’t see their features of what they look like
• Lastly, the web previewer - it simply doesn’t work, so we can’t preview our story through our computers, we have to do it old school and go through the app.

I have addressed all these concerns with @EpisodeCreators on Instagram but I have been given no response.

Many authors who write in Classic only have reached out via email support but they are getting replies that there is nothing they can do…

I hate to say this but the Classic style is what made Episode, an app and a platform. Without this amazing style, Episode would not be where it is today without the original style.

We have accepted that there won’t be any changes in the style its self but we don’t want it to go away.

As a Classic author, I love this style as do many authors within this community. We don’t want to see it being unused because of the problems it’s currently having.

Thank you for your time, hopefully you will see this.

@Jeremy @Liz




So true! I agreed everything you say! :tired_face::persevere:


Hello @mindy_epsiode, if there are glitches you’d like to report glitches in the Classic style, I’d recommend submitting a ticket documenting the different issues to our support team! :smiley:


I agree, it’s so annoying.
I only write in Classic as it’s the only style I like.
I’ve been an author for 3 years and these problems are really starting to annoy me.
Especially not being able to preview characters when making them.
I don’t know all the hair styles so it’s so hard to try and find the one I want to use.


Totally agree with you! :clap:t4::clap:t4: