Please fix this

Jump_loop is a animation that is available in the mobile creator, we just can’t publish with it because it shows up as an error for our stories, will you fix this, please???

did you put

@KIKI is jump_loop?

It was made in the mobile creator, so most likely yes and it does work I previewed it.

do you have a computer? Maybe you could log-in on there and it’d work or I can sign in for you

I did. The animation never did work. Episode made one that when you added it in mobile creator, it would literally show up as an error in the script so now if you ever go to try and publish the story after making it in Mobile Creator the story won’t allow you to publish it because the animation shows up as an error even though it works in the mobile Creator perfectly

well what context is it in? Maybe you could just change it to like cheer_loop or something

In the mobile creator, it has only like a few animations and if you try to edit the story in the script you will never be able to create it in the mobile Creator again, the mobile creator was a good idea but unfortunately it was not fully thaught out by the episode creators or the creators of episode, so…

are you using the website or the app on your device?

The app

I feel like I should make a support ticket

Yeah, I think that’d be the best thing to do, because not many people use mobile creator, so not many people can help you. ):