Please follow my instagram i would really love it

Okay so I hit 51 followers on insta and 8 reads on my first ever new story which if u wanna know what’s it’s about just search the last generation in forums or episode app but i kinda want more insta followers who are active yk like when i do Q&A i want people asking questions i want fan mail and stuff like that now the follows and reads don’t matter but i kinda just want yk more active stuff to do on insta

So if you would like to follow my instagram it’s called Ethanepisodee

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I already follow you and will read your story. :wink: Just read one of mines (you can DM me which one you’d like to read) and I will give your story a shoutout on my Instagram. Send me screenshots ('cause I am a totally screenshotter, like a overactive tourist in the Netherlands :clown_face:) for prove and I will do the same. :wink:


I don’t really like doing R4R if people’s stories are boring but I’ll read yours i just hope it isn’t boring

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That’s okay. Same here.

Okay ill read your but later since i have stuff to do yk anyways thank you for the follow :slight_smile:

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Hi! I just gave you a follow :blob_sun:
If you are interested in R4R, send me a message. :cowboy_hat_face:

My most recent project

Story title - Heroic: The Hersir
Genre - Adventure, historical
Description - Many centuries ago, when time was new, the Viking village of Sjoland had lost its glory. As an only child of the Hersir, the responsibility to success lies on your shoulders.
What to expect -

Take your time.

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I’ll follow you.