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Anna and Eli are/were dating, but when a old friend of Anna’s kissed her without her content, Eli thought she was cheating and told her they were taking a break

We need a break.

ANNA’s face goes dark and she’s soon surrounded by darkness

You’re pathetic.

Nobody as good as Eli is gonna love a screwup like you.

Victoria right, Jamie stopped calling because he doesn’t love you.

Why don’t you leave? Nobody will miss you.

Anna’s brought back to reality and falls to her knees, sobbing




Don’t tag me in your posts, thanks.


I rlly like giving advice so I’ll try to be nice to you!
What happens next Allie? I see no problems rn.


Eli and Anna will just talk it out because Eli didn’t know Anna had demons like that and wants to help her through it

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The continuation is because I’m not 100% sure how to have Eli first react to seeing gnat

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but I guess Ill try to give you some

i hope that at the end she realizes that relying on one person isnt very healthy and that she learns to help herself and her and elli become happy together.

i dont see anything wrong with this scene, but im just annoyed about you responding horribly to critism.


Thank you, and she doesn’t up getting better but she just wants to be loved because a lot of the things her stepmom the inside made her feel like she couldn’t be, but thank you for the advice


What happens at the end then?

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At the end of the story, they get married and have a kid (don’t ask me the logic behind how they had a kid biologically because I’m not even really sure myself I think I made up one)

(Sperm donor?)

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(biologically, they didn’t even know and I got pregnant until they start throwing up so please don’t question it I got help and just came up with a reason that was tested on animals)


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Sooo… I need some suggestions for continuation part for how Eli should react. Because I don’t know

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If that’s not too much to ask that is


@Sydney_H can you close this?

This is good so far. Maybe add a animation where she’s crying and than demon checks on her to make shes okay?

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@Sydney_H please close ths

Closed for review.