Please give me advice

There is a post on Instagram that I would like to replicate in my story (in an episode way obviously). Would I be violating the guidelines by copying it?? Would I need their permission to use their work??

If I do go ahead I would credit the Instagramer.

The post is basically a bunch of Disney clips put together to make a positive speech.

Yes, for both. Also Disney has its own copyright so I don’t recommend doing it at all.
You could for example ‘fake’ it using Episode characters that resemble the Disney characters. I’ve senn other authors do it.

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That is kind of what I mean. I don’t see how else you can go about it on episode.

Also the Instagram post has already taken it from Disney and if they were copyrighted (and I sure they are copiedrighted) then the Instagramer wouldn’t be allowed to make the post in the first place. And if they did wouldn’t it already be taken down (it was posted in 2019)?

Isn’t this the same as a fan screenshooting your work and tagging you in? (I’m sure their would be lots of hashtags for Disney)

What I mean is do I have to contact to Instagram account??

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Definitely. Otherwise it’ll be stealing. Though I don’t think it would ever come out if you do and that anybody would actually care, soo… :woman_shrugging:t3: I mean, many authors use f-ing google images for their backgrounds/overlays and don’t face any consequences (or rarely for that matter).
But as I see, you want to be fair which is really cool, so I’d recommend asking first :hugs:



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