Please give me feedback on my new cover :D

Hi, so I did a new cover for my story I have draw the whole character but then realizing how small you actually do see the cover in-app changed my mind and made it only upper half body.

i tried to keep it simple but dunno if it is not too simple??
But the truth is I also a bit suck at composition…


Its a fantasy story where role do play also fallen angels, there is talking book and also some love interest… … but the cover doesn’t imply it - do you think it is a problem? (neither did the previous one in most cases) I made big effort to draw this so it would be sad if it would not be attractive for readers but I still can draw something to it - so any suggestion if you think it needs improvement are welcomed (um just don’t tell me to draw better because that is the only thing I cant :slight_smile: )

This is the full character in case you will have some ideas for using it fully (ignore the unfinished shadow and boots)

This is the old cover to compare.



I actually love it! The first two kinda look like CGI (which isn’t a bad thing). It looks pretty cool.

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I liked the new one too it’s definitely not too simple :heart: :heart:

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umm.english is not my native language …what is CGI?

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It stands for computer generated imagery. Basically an image created by a computer. It looks very 3D usually.

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Ah yeah I get it thank you. :slight_smile: LOL no its drawin in photoshop (except the background). I just had photoreference for the pose.


Woah! Tbh i love the 1st color, but the new one looks nice too!

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I was also thinking about darker backgroung - maybe she and the title would stepp more out… will definitly try it…
I just kept it golden because she finds out she is golden angel but its actually not important to keep it in this color for me.

I think the cover is pretty cool! (I really enjoy reading your story, btw :blush:.)

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awww. :slight_smile: Thank you. :smiley:

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:woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

I have no idea what looks better. :slight_smile:

red -version
blue simple

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The red for sure! :heart_eyes::clap:

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I agree definitely the red :grin:

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