Please Give Me Review For My Story

Hi I’m Venus ! I’ve Re-Write my story and I was wondering what do people think and what kind of tips they can give me for improving my story.

:two_hearts: I would love to hear a review from you and I would be so happy if you can give me review that can help me.

:zap: I’m not the type of person who offends easily so don’t hold back and tell me what is in your mind. I’d rather a harsh but helpful with full of truths instead of empty bunch of lies that helps me not at all.

:hearts: Please give me little free time from your life and help me with my story.

Thank you all so much :two_hearts:

Author: Venus
Instagram: episode.venuss
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Style: INK
Episodes: 11 [SEASON 1 COMPLETED]
(Episode 11 is a sneak peek for season 2.)
Story description: Her love life, friendships, work, family, do you think all of them are perfect just because she is a famous actress? Think again. Painful past that Auora Stone has been locked behind doors but what happens if someone finds to key…

Things that I hear a lot;

1) You should give more information about “The past” You are talking about.
:arrow_forward: I know I didn’t give much of a information about Auora’s past. It’s because my story line is long and I don’t like to spill out everything so soon. First season is more about present time and the second season will be giving much more information abut the past time so be patient.

2) We need to know more about Skyler and Leon’s relationship with Auora
:arrow_forward: Like I said before you need to be patient.

3) All of them are successful and famous it’s not realistic.
:arrow_forward: They are like that in the present time, being so successful in not easy and you need to go really hard, long way to achieve that. Nothing was great like I’m showing right now. A lot drama happened and you will be seeing that in season 2. Plus my story is about how someone’s “perfect” live starts falling apart.

NOTE: I’m not doing r4r right now because of my studies.

I am about to read your story. It looks really nice so far!

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Thank you so much :sparkling_heart:

Geez that episode was long! I really loved your story, it was full of action, suspenseful, and I just want to read more. The intro was spectacular! I loved when the words were spinning. I also liked how you have the option to skip the episode because you re-wrote it. Something you could maybe improve on is the grammar and the erasing job from one of the intro scenes. Overall, spectacular story and I will surely read more! Thank you for reading this. Bless! <3

Thank you so much for your review and t reading my story I’m so glad that you’ve liked it. I put passing the new episode choices because I update my story a lot and I don’t want them to spending time to re-reading it