Please give me stories that give me gems

I need a lot gems so I want to read stories that earn gems.Please give me story titles that earn gems as many as you know =))

HERE MY LIST STORIES EARN GEMS beside Episode original stories :

1.Marriage by Law
2.Why Me?
3.Beating The Bad Boy
4.Now or Never
5.Mafia’s Girl
6.Camp Cuties
7.Royally Yours
8.All I Want For Christmas
9.French Kiss
10.Not Your Ex

Any else?.

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All of the stories that appear on your home page, as well as the stories that are on the first line of each genre are stories that give you gems.


I know that…so I read in the right moment.I need another titles.

You just need to look at your home page like Juliett said, and read the stories you haven’t read yet. Also when you click on a story, it’s written on the bottom if this story will give you gems or not, so you can use that too. :slight_smile:


Demi Lovato Series
Blood Lust
Prom Night
Kiss List
Love Life
Love on Fire
Pretty Little Liars Series
Playing With Fire
Troublemaker Series
Crush on the Bad Boy
The Royal Baby
Fake Love, True Love
Chain Reaction Series
Our Little Secret
College Makeover
It Starts with a Bra
My First Everything
My Brother’s Best Friend
Positively Princess
Unexpectedly Expecting
Celebrity Boyfriend
The Last Goodbye
Betting on the Boy
Feel Me
Rule Breaker
Girl in the Boy Band
Behind His Mask
Stray Heart
Hot Mess
Bucket List + You
Mafia’s Fallen Angel
Catching Feelings
Ruptured Heart
Prince’s Bride
Honeymoon Ever After
Under You
Roommate Crush
Diary of a Troublemaker
Country Heart
Lyrics and Lies
Love and War
Celebrity Crush
Living with My Crush
Lips Don’t Lie
Love Games
Tropical Love
Star Switch
Suite Heart
Crossing the Line
Falling for the Enemy
Play my Heart
Vampire’s Kiss
How to be a Princess
Back and Forth
She’s Bad
The Guy Next Door
A Little More Me
My Teacher, My Gangster
Bad Girl Boss
Court Me
Bad Boy Bachelor
Kill My Love
I Married a Prince
Haute as Hell
Baby Project


behind his mask
stray heart
court me
it all starts with a bra
the prince’s bride
I married a millionaire
scoring his heart
mafia’s fallen angel


Ah thanksss, this is what I mean

Thanks, because some old stories has deleted or not show up in homepage.

It’s the ones that are on the Episode App first page, all of them give you gems.

Ok, but I’ve read those stories.

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The Acting Game
Last Girl Standing
Pembrook Prep
Playing Princess
I Married a Millionaire
Between Two Billionaires
Christmas with a Billionaire
Billionaire Bachelors
Bad Meets Bad
My Brother’s Hot Friend
Mafia Princess
Always a Bridesmaid
Vamps and Humans
Wrapped Up for You
Operation Quarterback
California Dreaming
How to be Bad
Private Lessons
Flirty Fighters
Craving for You
The Billionaire’s Bride
OMG, I Kissed a Superstar
Racing Hearts
Wild Slide
Love at First Bite
Summer Road Trip
Back to You
Secretly Yours
My Books, Her Billions
Don’t Call Me Angel
Best Woman
Bad Boy Roommate
Enemies with Benefits
Mafia in Manhattan
Coming for the Crown
Kidnapped by the prince
Episode Dirty Dancing
Friends or Lovers
I never got over you
Aligning the stars
unPerfect Cheerleader
Not your Fangirl
My Alien Lover
Love and Layups

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Awwww thank you