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I’ve been mulling over a story idea in my head and would like to see if people would like to read it. I am deaf and would like explore the idea of disability in a creative way. So, in other words it would take place where magic exists. The story would have 3 main characters who wield magic and you follow all of them from the beginning to end.

A bit about each of them:

MC 1: this Mc lives in the future (something like 2132), where paper is out of date. Everything is about the advanced technology. But the MC has an odd fascination with paper and decides to post a letter. Through an exchange of letter an unbreakable friendship forms with MC 2.

MC 2: this MC lives in the past (something like 1872) and is lonely. So lonely that they form a deal with a dangerous person. Through this deal, the MC gains a necklace and soon receives MC 1’s letter.

MC 3: this MC lives at the same time as MC 1(in the future). Their family is particularly powerful with magic which is frowned or praised upon (don’t know which yet) but the MC is more powerful than the average in their family. Later in the story the MC begins to develop intense abnormal pains which they are later told are a Truth Teller. Which means if the MC lies they get the pain. Although they are powerful they are taken advantage of. The MC quickly learns it is only limited to what they say so if you ask a closed question all they have to do is nod to lie. The MC becomes very very manipulative because they want to avoid the pain.

I just want som le thoughts and opinions on this story. MC 1 and MC 2 start exchanging letter from the start but MC 3 and MC 1 dose not meet till half way. The disability aspect comes with MC 3 being a Truth Teller.

Also I won’t be starting this story until I have finished my current one which I’ve just started episode 1 and have 8 chapters so this story won’t be out for a long while.

Anyway, what do you think?


I think it sounds great. A nice original unique idea! I love to read stories that are outside of the box and I can tell the writers have fun creating it :blush: I don’t have any opinions on it but I tend to just start off story ideas and if I hit a wall with the plot, I just randomly plan what BGs and what kind of vibes I want scenes to have or create characters and outfits until I find some inspiration to create more of the storyline :sweat_smile: Good luck with your first story too :grin:

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Thank you!! :grin:

The plot is definitely interesting.:+1::+1::+1:

I’m so excited to see what you planned for it.:blush:

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Thank you so much!!

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