Please help/ answer my question!

Help please!! So I have been trying to get an overlay of the blue school locker, but I can’t find it. I also tried looking for a template/tutorial on how I can make the character open the locker and have a note fall out of it. Please help! (If none of what I said makes sense, I’m badically trying to find an overlay for the locker and how to make the character open the locker and have a note fall out) Thank you in advance!


You could try looking for overlay threads and there are lots of different places where you can get overlays. Hope this helped.

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Hi there! I know what I think your looking for @dara.amarie.ep on Instagram has one open locker and the closed locker is already a episode background and for the sticky note that falls out the lockers that could be a overlay and make it look like it’s already fallen out of the open locker. I hoped I helped :smile:


I can’t find the background with an open locker, there is only one with closed lockers…

Here message me on insta and ill look for it for u @epy.sxwrites

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I sent you a dm (I’m episodescarlett)

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