PLEASE HELP! Can anyone make me a Face Time overlay? (REALLY URGENT)

Hey so i need a face time overlay or background i’m not really sure how it works tbh
I will give credit of course!

This the background i need in the big square

And this one for the small square x
Thank you in advanced

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How do I use this website? help! XD

the forums?

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Yes… all of it XD

haha message me and i’ll explain… if you don’t know how to i’ll message you

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Her is one I have the face time overlay. Before adding pictures to the background. Have you asked the artist of the backgrounds if its ok. Most artist don’t like people editing their work.

that looks great! (did you have one for a laptop by any chance?) if not that’s fine. and no i can’t unfortunately remember who created the girls backgroundd (i was going to create a post asking later on) and did you know how i could get into contact with them to ask if it’s okay? even if the author doesn’t reply tonight would you still be able to make it? and i wouldn’t use it until i got premistion

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The one on top is from Alexa she is on Instagram you just need to message her. She is flexible. The second one I am not sure. Maybe doing a reverse search will help find who is the he creator. Let me see of I can edit one with the laptop. Give me a couple of minutes.

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okay thank you! also i just messaged her

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Here is the laptop png.

If you ever need any arts scenes, backgrounds, overlays, profile picture, Etc. Feel free to request In this art thread.

Thank you! so how do i use this lol
Can you fill it in with the backgrounds?

Once Alexa approved the image I can. Are you using it as an overlay? That you can place where you want or as a background. ?

I think it would be easier if i made it a background would that be something you could do? and okay that’s fine thank you again- could you put the other background in the small square? or not?

Alexa just approved the image! And i would really appreciate it if you could make it a background
Once again thank you!

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Do you still need it?

yeah x

Ok i will add it give me a moment.

Thank you

Size 1280x1136

Size 1980x1136

Size. 640x1136

Thank you these are wonderful! what did you want me to credit you as?

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