Please help! Choice not working!


@HOLLY changes hairColor into Cool Gray
goto hairDye_Gray1
} “Light Gray” {
@HOLLY changes hairColor into Aqua Gray
goto hairDye_Gray1
}“Back to Hair Dye” {
goto hairDye1
}“Different Colors”{
goto fem_haircolor1
goto fem_LL_custom1
@zoom reset

label hairDye_PREMIUM1

Choose your character hair color.

“Yellow” {
@HOLLY changes hairColor into Yellow
goto hairDye_PREMIUM1
label story_continue

After I press the This is Perfect button then it just takes me back to earlier on in the chapter after another choice where I use label story_contiunue to finish the choice there.

Also it says duplicate label story_continue pls help


change the second label to label story_continue1 for example


Thank you!