Please help, Coding wrong?

For some reason, the characters all appear after then pan and when I put the code for them to stand before the Pan, Random5 and Kent are in zone 1 and the spacing is all off. Please help me fix this!
@transition fade in black
Chapter 2- Memories

@transition fade in black

Freshman Year: End of School Summer Party

@transition fade out black
@add Cup Plastic Blue to RANDOM5

music juvie_houseparty
@pan to zone 2

@ROSIE stands screen center in zone 3 AND ROSIE faces right AND KENT stands back far right in zone 2 AND KENT spot 0.711 170 319 AND KENT faces left AND KENT moves to layer 1 AND KENT is react_sit_checkphone_bored AND RANDOM stands back far right in zone 2 AND RANDOM is dance_groove_happy_loop AND RANDOM2 stands back far left in zone 2 AND RANDOM2 faces right AND RANDOM2 is talk_handsopen_happy_loop AND RANDOM3 stands screen center in zone 3 AND RANDOM3 faces left AND RANDOM4 stands back far right in zone 3 AND RANDOM4 faces left AND RANDOM5 stands back far right in zone 2 AND RANDOM5 spot 0.840 133 205 AND RANDOM5 moves to layer 3 AND RANDOM5 is sip_cup_neutral_loop

You need to add what zone they’re in.

@CHARACTER spot scale x y in zone #

And place that entire command before the pan using the & sign

Feel free to add a time to the pan (@pan to zone X in S, where S stands for a number, in seconds, ex. 3, 5, 2, 0.5, 3.4, etc.)

Wow, it worked. Thanks guys ! <3

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