Please Help! "Expected dialogue found, label"

It says there is an error and expected dialogue, found labeloutfits1. Here is how it is layed out… Can anyone help me fix it?


Try not leaving a space between outfit and 1.

ooppps that was a typo on this post but it is not like that on the actual story

What is the exact line where it says it?

Can you post a screenshot of your script instead?

I just did… can u look at it please?

I just posted a screen shot of it and it says that the error is on the empty line between lable outfits1 and where madeleine is thinking

You spelled “label” wrong. Also, you shouldn’t skip a whole line between and ending bracket and the next choice option. The next option should be on the same line as the end bracket or the very next line

So this is wrong:


“Hot in Orange” {

These are what they should look like:

} “Hot in Orange” {


“Hot in Orange”}
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Thank you!!! hopefully it works now.