Please help find this story

I have been searching for HOURSSS, it is a fantasy story that takes place at a university. The MC is a girl with powers, and at one point the story has her trying to suppress them, so she has to sneak out and get vials of something to do that. Her roommate is a fairy/ elf and one of her friends is a werewolf (possibly with green hair). I don’t remember all of the plot but I believe the love interest is a vampire.

Is it any of these?

Nope, none of those. It’s pretty similar to College of Eternity, but not it. It was also quite a few years ago that I read it, if that helps at all.

Was it in Limelight or Ink? You said its been a while?

I honestly have no idea, I’d say it was somewhere between 2015-2018. I’m thinking it was probably Ink or classic but I’m not sure