Please Help for my Tappable Overlays

Please help me!!!, is my method of making my tappable overlay correct? why can’t i press it? is there any error? but in the instructions it shows no error. please I really need help of yours

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Hey there
To make it more easy for you, you can watch this tutorial on youtube so it will be more efficient for ya :heart: :upside_down_face:

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You didn’t create the START, CUSTOMIZE and SKIP overlays to the script, so they won’t be visible to the screen for you to tap on.

before or after the choice?

Before the tappable, after the label.

Thank you for the advice :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:

Thank you vor the video

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did i do something wrong?,i tried it according to the video but still can’t work. What should i do? I’m so confused now

It should only say this or be like this.

I do not know why? I’ve tried as you said but still can’t, is my episode error or what? :sob:

Even though I don’t use hashtags it still doesn’t work, the last time I tried the same as what you showed, it still didn’t work

What’s exactly not working love? Cause I recently made & coded my game menu and my template is exactly like the one I showed you and mines works perfect. :neutral_face:

I don’t know why he can’t be tap and start the story. Actually I’ve tried various things but it still can’t work

do you have uploaded the ROSE BUTTON overlay?
Do you have any error messages on the left top corner of your portal?

I already uploaded the ROSE BUTTON overlay and it already accepted
I don’t have any error message when i save it

What is happening when you tap? Make sure your overlays don’t overlap.

are you sure there is no transparent space around the ROSE BUTTON?
When you preview the scene - go to helpers / spot directing / change overlay

do you see the name of the overlays changing under the preview window?
If you do - when you change the names do you see the “rectangles” of the overlays on the screen?

when I tap it, it doesn’t start the story or go to female customize
it’s just a background

I recently noticed overlays added to script after you have previewed do not show up unless you refresh the internet page with the portal - try it.

I’ve tried to refresh several times but it doesn’t work. Was i wrong from the start?