Please help , How do I do black and white filter for episode?


I really want to know how to use this style for my story where it’s kind of gray and it’s a memory flash back where my character is younger and she remembers this. So can someone help me please? Thank you!


on the right side on the very bottom you have filters, the black and white one it’s already there:


For the character, you either have to change some features or create a duplicate character with a different features. (so she looks younger)


thank you very much for the quick reply and thanks for the advice it really is helpful to my storyline


Also how exactly do I use the filter? I am new to this and was willing to try it out to give my story a twist.


Just click on the black&white one it will add that filter to your script!

Don’t forget to reset after:

@reset hsl


Alright, and I just say @reset filter?


Just look above, I edited my reply. :slight_smile:


Okay , thank you so much for the help it really helped. :blush:


I figured it out